Radon is an invisible, odorless, and toxic gas.

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Before you invest in a new home, ensure your loved ones are protected with radon testing. Many homeowners are unaware of the potential dangers of radon gas exposure. Contact us at (770) 325-5192 to schedule an affordable radon test in Atlanta Georgia areas.

It is important to do radon testing in above ground homes as well as for underground dwellings because radon has been placed in the category of being a carcinogen, and since it is a gas it can cause huge respiratory conditions. All the rooms in a home should be tested because there will be different levels in each room if it is found.

Radon testing for underground houses is especially important because radon gas is in the ground naturally from radioactive decay and when it is released in the ground it is unnoticed. Since an underground home is just that, underground, radon can be all around the dwelling.

Since radon is a gas it can enter the home through several different methods. It can come in through cracks in the floor and walls. It can also find its way in through the gaps in pipes that enter the home as well as through water pipes. Radon needs very little space to move through these little openings or flaws and may not even be noticeable to us.


Whether you’re a homebuyer or seller or a real estate professional, it’s important to have the structure you’re looking at buying or selling tested for radon. Consider the following reasons:



It’s also the second leading cause of cancer in America. The following have recommended homes be tested for radon: the Surgeon General, American Lung Association and EPA.


If a radon test reveals high levels of radon, the buyer will often ask the seller to install a radon mitigation system. While these systems are highly capable of lowering radon levels, they are expensive, costing thousands of dollars. Therefore, if you don’t have the structure tested for radon before buying, and a later test reveals high levels of radon in the home, the cost of installing a radon mitigation system is your responsibility.



There are systems that can be used to vent out radon that use suction, vent pipes and fans to move it away and keep it from building up and concentrating in the home. If radon is found in your underground home and removal methods have been installed it is still a good idea to recheck for it periodically.

Eliminate Risk with a Radon Test. Feel Good. Feel Safe.


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